All New SRA TruPower Series Ultrasonic Cleaners

The TruPower line of ultrasonic cleaners went from having features for just heat and time control to controls for heat, sweeping, degassing, and more! So what is the importance of these features? Well let’s break them down and see.

Heating seems self-explanatory but there is a something special about the TruPower machines. The heating on these machines is variable and accurate allowing the user to have full confidence during use. Unlike many other ultrasonic cleaners, the TruPower units offer sweeping and degassing features. These are important for thoroughly cleaning items such as circuit boards, springs and rings. The degassing feature removes all excess gasses that are built up in the liquid during heating. This is important because excess gasses in a solution can prevent a complete cleaning by interrupting the cavitation process. Sweeping is the best feature to use for small objects, objects with porous like structures, and electronic boards. The varying ultrasonic frequency prevents damage to sensitive items.

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