What to Use to Braze Carbide Cutting Tools


Do you work in an environment that uses a lot of cutting tools? If so, you probably know what carbide is. In simple terms carbide is a strong metal, much stronger than steel. In more detail, carbide is a combination of tungsten and other materials bonded together with cobalt. Carbide can withstand higher temperatures needed by cutting tools, making it useful in the industrial world. Like all tools they need repaired at some point. That is where knowing what to use for brazing these tools comes in handy.

Stop Before Reading On

If you have never attempted to braze before this, take the time to learn the full process not just what you need or the quick version of the process!!


The typical range of temperature for brazing carbide is from 1000°F to 1400°F. This range is dependent on the alloy used.


The best kind of paste for brazing carbide is one with nickel in it. The nickel helps create a stronger bond.


There are a lot of different types of alloys for brazing. The most common alloys are in paste form or wire form and with or without cadmium. Cadmium helps lower the melting temperature but it is also a known carcinogen so we don't recommend it. Then there is the less known but better fit for the job: a tri-metal strip. This is because the tri-metal strip is made of a copper core and an alloy that has silver with nickel alloy on each side. The copper acts as a shock absorber which can extend the life of the cutting tool. So in our opinion, the best choice would be the BAg-24 tri-metal strip.


Flux should always be used hen brazing. There are typically 2 types of flux, a white or high-temperature black flux. Both will work well in this application.

Quick Lesson on the Process

The process for brazing is very similar to soldering.

  1. Apply flux or brazing paste to both parts.
  2. Apply heat to the parts with alloy to create a strong bond.
  3. Allow the joint to cool.
  4. Clean off the residual flux.
  5. That's it!

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