What is a Benchtop Power Supply?

A benchtop regulated power supply is a term for any power source that you can set up on a “bench” and is self contained in a case. This unit offers a method of output connection, output that can come in the form of voltage, current, resistance or power in many various configurations.  A regulated power supply is a device that converts unregulated AC into a constant DC voltage to supply power to a load.

What is the purpose of power supply units?

Power supply units are mainly used to test different power units in devices. They are efficient and steady so it allows the user to test or troubleshoot a device that runs off DC power. The voltage and current are adjustable so  the power supply can be adapted to different devices.

In some cases a developer will need multiple power supply units to test a wider range than what one power supply can give. A great thing about power supply units is that they can be combined with other similar power supplies to amplify the output for larger devices. There are multiple power supply units that are more cost effective than purchasing three units but be just as suitable.

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