The Uses of Hydrogen & Oxygen Torches


H2O torches are used for soldering and brazing and are proven to be useful in many industrial fields.

Advantages of Hydrogen/Oxygen Torches

Soldering with the gas generated by a hydrogen torch system is a better alternative to using the pressurized fuel tanks. The Hydrogen Oxygen generator produces gas by using electricity to breakdown the water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas. Therefore creating a safer, cleaner and very economical gas flame with water as fuel.

With hydrogen and oxygen as its fuel sources, the torch produces a much safer, hotter and cleaner flame. It's also easy to set up and very user friendly.  Many small shops have restrictions on the use gas tanks in their buildings. The H2O welder is a great alternative because it does not store any gas because it makes it on demand.

Jewelry Making

There are many reasons why those working on jewelry for commerical and personal reasons would use a hydrogen oxygen torch. They can be used for resizing rings, chain repairs and alterations, fixing damaged prongs or any soldering task needed.


Hydrogen torches are great for annealing metals. When annealing, the metal is heated slowly to a specific temperature and then it is cooled slowly. Because this process softens the metal it can be shaped and cut easier. 

Glass Processing

Hydrogen torches can be used for reshaping glass and metals. One popular use is heating glass colors together to build stronger, or different forms of glass. 

Medical and Dental Devices

The hydrogen torch can also be used in the dental and medical fields, because it uses clean fuel and it won't contaminate medical or dental devices. The fine pinpoint flame is perfect for very small items like dental appliances, stents and guide wires. 


The torch can be used to flame polish edges of plastic sheets.

Other applications include but are not limited to:  

1. Thermocouple repairs and production

2. Wax castings

3. Electro-mechanical devices

4. Transformer soldering where a soldering iron can't heat the large conductors.

If you have any more questions regarding a hydrogen torches feel free to contact us. One of our knowledgeable associates will assist you. 


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