5 Important Reasons to Use a Smoke Absorber!


Ever run into the problem of breathing in smoke while soldering, brazing, or just out right creating a small fire? Yeah, I have too. The problem is that more often than not we believe the open window or garage door is enough to ventilate the room but in all honesty it is not. Fans can help circulate the smoke but they do not remove it.

Thankfully, there are some smart inventions out that can help. Now, I know it may seem like an open door and a running fan is good enough. But let’s take a second to think about that…

Air pressure and wind from out the door or window will always be greater than what the fan can blow out. Meaning there will always be a small amount of smoke coming back to you. How do we solve this? Remember earlier when I mentioned smart inventions?

Well, the best solution for this problem is a smoke absorber with an integrated fume extraction fan and a Carbon filter. This nifty little invention allows the fan to use a filter while pulling the fumes. Why is this important?

Here’s five reasons:

  1. Helps prevent harmful fumes: When using equipment that creates harmful fumes for long periods of time you will always run the risk of causing problems to your respiratory system. A fume extractor greatly reduces the probability of developing health problems.
  2. Follows rules and regulations set by local and federal laws: There are many regulations in place to prevent fumes from being harmful to you and others around the workplace. A fume extractor follows OSHA, NIOSH, C.O.S.H.H, and many local regulations.
  3. Removes harmful contagions in the air: The extractor not only removes harmful fumes in the air it also traps small particles in the air surrounding the workplace. This allows for a safer work environment since any particles that form during the work day are removed.
  4. Variable filtration extraction types are available: There are many types of filtration available for extraction devices, some include pre-filter, HEPA filter, and active carbon filter. The most efficient one is the active carbon because unlike the others it traps the particles in its form. This is the safest form of filtration system because it absorbs fumes, smells, and harmful smoke.
  5. Proper Ventilation: In areas that do not have much space or windows, a ventilation system is needed for safety. A fume extractor with a built in ventilation system would be a great benefit for small works spaces.

Keep in mind that the placement of a fume extractor is important as well.

For more information on smoke absorbers please reach out to us or visit our website: SRA SOLDER

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