5 Key Features of the 9378 Pro Station

The 9378 Pro soldering station is as versatile as a multi-tool. It is a one of a kind soldering station that allows you to explore different types of soldering experiences. This works well for those who like to look into the extensive soldering world that goes beyond a PCB board. This soldering station can also be used for applications like reworking, 3D sculpting, and building boards. On that note, let’s take a look into the best features on the 9378 Pro Soldering Station.

Plug-in Heating Element

Most soldering stations have soldered heating elements. Those elements are difficult to remove without the aid of another soldering iron. This comes in handy when all you want to deal with is a single soldering iron.

Programmable Sleep Timer

This feature is one that not many people realize they want until they start working. Since soldering work can take a few hours, it’s better to time it out. This way the station doesn’t overheat the iron or iron tip. This will reduce the amount of oxidation forming on the tip.

Vibration Sensor

This goes hand in hand with the default sleep function. With this feature included if the unit notices that the soldering iron is unmoved for a period of time it sleeps. This can save those who work on large projects that require time from forgetting to turn off the soldering iron.

System Lock-Out

This is a feature that allows the user to disable adjustment until the feature is turned off. This means that during use the temperature and system configuration can not be altered. This is a great safety feature for those you of that work at home to keep children from accidentally getting burnt.


The 9378 Pro’s greatest feature  is that it is the most adjustable soldering station. The 9378 Pro Station can use attachments that other stations can not. this includes: macro tweezers, a cartridge tip iron, an iron with LED lights built in, and, in the near future, micro tweezers. All of these attachments are not as easily compatible with other stations.

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