How to use the Wixey WR300BT Digital Angle Gauge with "Wixey Talk" APP


Wixey has introduced a new digital angle gauge that works independently, or simultaneously with the free downloadable "Wixey Talk" app from the Apple APP Store & Google Play. The new model WR300BT is the same best-selling WR300 Type 2 but with Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone.  After the app is downloaded to your phone it will automatically pair up to the digital gauge using Bluetooth technology. Now all you have to do is select "talk" and all the gauge readings can be spoken in any language. This feature is useful for the visually impaired or if the user is stationed away from the gauge. You can also view the gauge readings on your device while hearing them spoken out loud. Some of the many uses for the device include, but are not limited to the following;

Miter saws.

Table saws.

Planner fence

Band saw fence.

Tilting angle plates.

Angle table.

Sine table.

Swivel / tilt vice.

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Was this post helpful?

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