Aoyue De-Soldering Gun - Spare Parts

No. PartSKU
1Tip Cylinder with Tip LockAO30129
20.8 mm Tip AO302062
1.0 mm Tip (Discontinued)AO302072
1.5 mm TipAO302092
1.8 mm Tip AO301212
3Heating Element for B1002AAOC005A
Heating Element for B1002BAOC005B
Heating Element for B1003AOC006
Heating Element for B1003AAOC006A
4Heat Guard Assembly AO301282
5Red Trigger KnobAO3021X 
6De-Soldering Gun Outer Case LAO3072D
De-Soldering Gun Outer Case LAO3074D
7Release KnobAO3021X 
8Black Holder Assembly AO3035X
9Filter Pad AO30180X
Filter Pad (Six-Pack)AO3017J
10Filter Pipe AO3022X
11Spring Filter AO201252
12Spring Filter Cover AO3024X
13Silicone Pad AO3025X
14Tip Lock Only AO20133
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for more than 50 years.
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